This section includes all of my Photoshop tutorials
Come check out my Miata and all the modifications that I have done to it.
Home Theater
This section discusses my home theater and related equipment.
My HTPC is the brain behind my home theater and it deserves its own section.
Browse my massive collection of Mp3's
Read all about my trip to Japan.
spot the seven
A new puzzle every weekday! Can you find the seven differences between two pictures?
lunarpages review
Lunarpages Hosting Review. My webhost of choice.

My other sites.

Home Theater Joint
Get free webspace for your home theater!
The Groovy Banana is my web directory. Feel free to add your own links.
Diddle For The Middle
My site devoted to the wonderful sport of Darts.
Beer Is My Copilot
My silly little blog can be found here.
geocaching iphone applications
A quick site I built to showcase the Geocaching Apps available for the iPhone, also has an iPhone accesories store.
Top Horror Comics
A collaborative effort with a friend of mine which tracks horror webcomics, if you've got a horror related comic please add it!

Interested in a self cleaning cat litter box? Then check out the Litter-Robot.
Spirit Hoods
My newest site created with a friend for the latest fashion trend that is sweeping the nation, SpiritHoods!

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